Our Priority is Purity.

Through vertical integration and commitment to the purest hydrocarbon solutions, we're able to provide the cleanest gases on the market, direct to manufacturers.
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Manufactured with Plant Extraction in Mind.

It’s our mission that our customers have the purest products available, because a clean process is a clean product.

Direct from the Plant

Our company has a unique relationship with an American processing plant, located in El Campo, Texas. We source only the highest quality materials for artisanal botanical extractions.

Industry Partnerships

We’re forging partnerships through cooperative business to business relationships, a company culture centered on education, and dedication to the high purity solvents market.

Superior Products

Using the latest technology in hydrocarbon purification, and with in house gas chromotographic equipment, we’re able to monitor the purity of solvents better than the competition.


We have several distribution locations, and can ship anywhere in the United States. With a guaranteed purity standard, we’re able to ensure quality products are consistent and readily available.

Quality Control

Every batch of solvents that we produce in our dedicated refinery is tested in order to guarantee a consistent product. We are able to process up to 99.5% purity for our solvents.

Proven Track Record

By continually refining every step of the process, we prioritize both our customer’s safety and the proven reliability of our high purity hydrocarbons.

Nationwide Service

Our locations are picked with service in mind. We are constantly growing and opening new distribution locations in order to make sure that processors have access to the best solvents on the market.

Our Locations

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