Hydrocarbon Extraction Supply Company

Do you need quick, accessible solutions for your plant-based extractions? Explore all we have to offer at The Hydrocarbon Company. As a premier hydrocarbon extraction supply company, we give manufacturers the cleanest gases for all extraction purposes. Our pure hydrocarbon gases are perfect for applications in the extraction industry. We specialize in hydrocarbon extraction systems that help you dial in your potency, terpene levels, yield, and color.

We do things differently here at The Hydrocarbon Company. We are proud to provide a vertically integrated service where our hydrocarbon extraction supply company works hand-in-hand with our manufacturer. That way, you don’t experience any third-party delays in shipment or communication. If you want to experience all the positive effects of hydrocarbon extraction, try our butane, isobutane, propane, and custom-blend gases direct from our own processing plant.