Direct from the Plant

The Hydrocarbon Company is the cannabis industry’s largest supplier of high purity hydrocarbons to the extraction industry. Through our partnership with our sister company, a dedicated American processing plant, THC Gas is the only hydrocarbon provider that offers direct from refinery to the cannabis industry. Through our tank exchange program, we inspect, clean, and fill tanks within 24 hours at the refinery, and tanks are never stored long term. This eliminates the risk of rust development and accidental environmental contamination, maintaining a higher quality solvent for use, allowing processors to use the highest quality solvents for artisanal products.

Our processing plant produces and refines 750,000 lbs of solvents year round which enables us to supply all sizes of labs in the country with top notch consistency, all from the same supplier. THC Gas’s logistics team works around the clock to ensure that we are able to provide every lab with optimal hydrocarbons with on time delivery, scheduled at your convenience.

Industry Partnerships

Due to our exclusive relationship with the refinery, we are able to distribute the best in class purity at the most competitive prices in the industry. Our team takes care in sourcing the purest raw materials in order to produce an ultra refined product. A highly skilled team of chemical engineers and scientists utilize advanced technology to eliminate all dangerous heavy metals and contaminants from our hydrocarbons.

Superior Products

Every batch of hydrocarbons is monitored with top of the line gas chromatography equipment, with up to date COAs readily available on our website. Simply scan your tank QR code and get the Certificate of Analysis for that exact lot of solvent.

By refining every step of the process, we prioritize our customers safety and the reliability of high purity hydrocarbons needed for the extraction industry.

Give us a try and see why no one beats our direct model and customer service. Call today at 1.805.NBUTANE or reach out online.