Precise ratios of mixed gas extraction solvents can yield artisanal results for extraction labs. Seasoned professionals may prefer to use custom gas blends set for their equipment and manufacturing preferences. Here at The Hydrocarbon Company, we are able to fulfill custom-blend orders of any quantity of supply with fast turnaround times, so your lab never stops.

A custom gas blend that we often deal in is a 70/30 mix of butane to propane. With this blend, you get to enjoy the beneficial properties of each individual gas while offsetting its faults. The propane gives the blend a lower boiling point than butane on its own, as well as the ability to be cooled down to much colder temperatures than normal butane. This blend’s smaller molecular structure doesn’t take as much plant matter, such as chlorophyll, from your biomass, and yet it also allows you to extract a higher terpene content at the same time.

Sizes Available

60 lbs, 100 lbs, and our best seller, 500 lbs. For custom orders, please get in touch with our staff.