If you’re looking for high-purity propane, you can’t do better than our pure propane at The Hydrocarbon Company. Because of our high-quality propane gas manufacturing process, we guarantee our propane gas to be at least 99.5%+ pure. Additionally, all our tanks are thoroughly cleaned before each fill. This solvent is 99.5%+ pure and helps produce a higher quality extract during the extraction process by eliminating mystery oils and contaminants found in dirty cylinders.

A very low boiling point is one of pure propane’s biggest advantages. If your goal is to efficiently extract terpenes, butane’s lower boiling point allows you to do just that. At higher temperatures, effective terpene extraction becomes much more difficult. A lower boiling point also means less energy consumption and an easier process of solvent recovery.

Sizes Available

20 lbs, 60 lbs, 100 lbs, and our best seller, 500 lbs.

We currently offer our 20 lb. tank for easy purchase online. Purchase includes both the price of the gas and the fee for the tank. For refills, larger tank sizes, or for quantities greater than 10, please get in touch with our staff.

Certificate of Analysis

Coming soon.